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John Edwards Drops Out

See in this video how John Edwars steps back from the bid for American presidency. Last week in New Orleans, Edwards anounced that he will leave the bid for presidency to the two Democratic competitors Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  He did not immediately give his support to either of the candidates. In the same week, Rudy Giuliani, one of the Republican candidates, also stepped back. He announced his support for fellow-Republican and long-time friend John McCain.

Democratic Presidential Nominees

hillary_clinton.JPGWriting early September 2007, the most prominent democratic presidential nominees for the 2008 U.S. presidential elections are:

  • Hillary Clinton, New York Senator
  • Barack Obama, Illinois Senator
  • John Edwards, former Senator from North Carolina
  • Dennis Kucinich, Ohio Congressman, former Mayor of Cleveland
  • Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico
  • Joe Biden, Senator of Delaware
  • Chris Dodd, Senator of Connecticut
  • Mike Gravel, former Senator
  • Al Gore is high up in the polls, although it is still not clear whether the man will run for president in 2008. He has been busy with his book “An Inconvenient Truth”, which won the 2007 Academy Award for Documentary Feature.

The official campaigning period has hardly begun, and nominee Hillary Clinton already spent more than $ 20 million on her presidential campaign. Back in the 1990s, her husband had “only” spent $ 20 thousand at this particular time in the run up to the elections.

Traditionally, Labor Day (early September) marks the kick-off for the presidential campaigns for the year after, however, it seems like the presidential campaign for the 2008 elections already started right the day after the 2004 presidential elections.

The long weekend of Labor Day 2007 was used as the kick-off for the presidential candidates’ campaigns, with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama campaigning in New Hampshire with their families, and John Edwards interrupting a two-day campaign in Iowa to receive the endorsements of two labor unions in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: the United Steelworkers and the United Mine Workers of America, together representing more than one million members. Receiving the two union endorsements makes that, with a total of three endorsements, John Edwards is ahead of Hillary Clinton, who received two union endorsements and Chris Dod, who so far has received one union endorsement.

Hillary Clinton is leading the polls, with Barack Obama coming in second at a safe distance. However, in some primary states, the race is closer and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards are wound up in a three-way battle for the top positions. Such is the case in Iowa, a lot of campaigning therefore is expected from the democratic presidential nominees in Iowa in the coming months.

Technology plays an important role in the 2008 presidential campaigns, as the big online democratic debate that was organised by CNN and YouTube on Monday July 23rd 2007 shows. Citizens from all over the U.S. could ask their questions to the presidential candidates, who answered the citizens live. The CNN/ YouTube format is being hailed as a transformational moment in the history of presidential debates (BBC News). It has been marked as very democratic and as a reflection of the dominant role the internet plays and will play in the 2008 campaign.

The democratic presidential nominees themselves also use the internet as a major campaigning tool. Hillary Clinton has her own website where you can subscribe to support her and where you can win a lunch with Hillary at her home in Washington when you contribute to her campaign.

Barack Obama totally discovered YouTube as the ideal way of promoting himself. His site is loaded with YouTube videos from his campaign tour and he created his own profile on YouTube. At this blog you’ll find one of his speeches.

Also John Edwards benefits from YouTube and put some videos on his website

At we try to keep you posted on the developments in the run up to the 2008 presidential elections of the United States.