Barack Obama Leads the Way

Obama-and-Hillary.jpgSince Barack Obama’s wins this week in the District of Columbia and the states Virginia and Maryland, Hillary Clinton lags behind in the polls.  It is estimated that Barack Obama has 1,215 delegates, while Hillary Clinton’s delegates come to 1,190.  Earlier, Hillary Clinton was leading the polls. in these polls the superdelegates- democratic party leaders and official entitled to private votes- were always counted in.

The almost 800 superdelegates were clearly in favor of Hillary and ensured her the lead so far, but now she lost the leading position to Obama even with the superdelegates’ votes counted in.

To receive the Democratic nomination for the ultimate battle against the Republican nominee, a Democratic candidate has to reach 2,025  delegates. The Democratic’s  struggle is not over yet- in fact it is more exciting than ever before. Although Hillary has had quite a rough weekend- her campaign manager was fired and she lost against Barack Obama in three states- she continues the campaign energetic as always.

John Edwards Drops Out

See in this video how John Edwars steps back from the bid for American presidency. Last week in New Orleans, Edwards anounced that he will leave the bid for presidency to the two Democratic competitors Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  He did not immediately give his support to either of the candidates. In the same week, Rudy Giuliani, one of the Republican candidates, also stepped back. He announced his support for fellow-Republican and long-time friend John McCain.

Barack Obama Speech After Iowa Victory

Watch the speech by Sen. Barack Obama after he won the caucus in Iowa a few days ago.  New Hampshire voting is still ongoing, but the first incoming results show a headstart for Obama and McCain.

Emotional Hillary in New Hampshire

At the eve of the second pre-elections for American presidency in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton held an emotional speech.  Being among an audience of mostly women, Hillary Clinton seemed to feel very tired and sad about the state of the country. She convinced the audience that she wanted to make the United States a better place. She stressed that it was not just a political effort, but that she had put her whole heart into her campaign and into her plans for America, would she be elected President in 2008.

In the video below Hillary Clinton is answering a question from an elderly woman: “How do you do it? How do you keep up … and who does your hair?”

Bill Clinton: Helping or Harming Hillary’s Campaign?

The Clinton’s are now campaigning in Iowa. Things are not always running smoothly, as Mr. Clinton causes some divided emotions. At the one hand, Bill plays an increasingly important role in his wife’s campaign, or so it seems, while at the other hand he is attracting a lot of attention to himself, something that some say could harm the campaign of Hillary Clinton.DemocraticPresidentialNominees.jpg

Advisors of the Clintons say that Bill Clinton’s presence in Hillary’s campaign has grown because of several reasons: the first is that Bill believes that winning or losing in Iowa is crucial to the rest of the bid for presidency and that the New Hampshire primary is a determining factor in this. The second is that Bill has become quite competitive and is anxious to succeed.

Bill Clinton is not very keen on a certain kind of publicity, expecially publicity in which Barack Obama is being portrayed as the one that will bring change in the American political arena while the rest of the Democratic candidates- including Hillary- are being portrayed as the older generation of Democrats.

Last week Bill Clinton prepared a speech on behalf of his wife in which the word “change” was strikinlgy apparent. Whether this will do Hillary any good, however, is not certain, since Bill, in that same speech, also stated that he was against the war in Iraq from the beginning, a statement that is more than contested.

Some sources say that Bill Clinton’s approach to Hillary’s campaign might not be the most effective one. Although Bill is a very strong element in Hillary’s bid for the presidency, he might also become too strong, something that strategists have been warning him for from the beginning.

Source: Drudge Report

2008 Presidential Elections and The Beatles

We thought we shouldn’t skip on this magnificent video of YouTube’s “Professor in the Elections ‘08″ . This man names the presidential candidates after various Beatles songs, very original and clever. This first video- Election ‘08 and The Beatles: Part 1- is about the Democratic presidential nominees. See for yourself which democratic nominee is most compatible with  which Beatle song!

Call for Questions

This is the video in which YouTube users were asked to turn in their questions for tonight’s Republican candidate’s debate.

Republican CNN YouTube Debate

Tonight is the night of the second CNN-YouTube debate. This time it is not the democratic nominees but the Republican presidential candidates that will debate with each other and respond to questions that were sent in from Internet users, in the form of short YouTube videos.Republican_Debate.jpg

The debate will be staged in St Petersburg, Florida. Although initially the idea was to let an online voting system make a selection of the thousands of questions that were sent in, the directors of the debate decided to select the questions themselves.

Like David Bohrman, senior vice president of CNN, says that the internet is still too underdeveloped a medium to set the agenda for a national debate. Bohrman regrets that he had to appoint his journalists to sift through all of the questions that were sent in by internet users, but he also said that it was necessary. He adds: “If you would have taken the most-viewed questions last time, the top question would have been whether Arnold Schwarzenegger was a cyborg sent to save the planet Earth.”

The CNN-YouTube debate is one of several debates in the run-up to the presidential elections in 2008 that use new kinds of media to organize the debates. One of the goals of organizing this type of modern debate is to attract people to vote, and to bridge the gap between politics and the “average citizen”.

Watch the CNN-YouTube Republican debate tonight via CNN


Third Party Difficulties in American Elections

Watch this video and find out why it has historically been difficult for a third party candidate to win the American elections.

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Obama Gains Strength in Iowa

barack_obama.jpgAt the Iowa Democratic Party Jefferson Jackson dinner Saturday night in Iowa, it became clear that Barack Obama has gained strenght over the last few days. He held a stunning, forceful and passionate speech, which caused even Edwards’ campaign manager to sing loudly: “Fired up! Ready to go! Fired up! Ready to go!”, Obama’s new campaign catch phrase.

He advocated that the 2008 presidential elections will differ significantly from the last elections, proclaiming that “Telling Americans what they think they want to hear instead of telling the American people what they need to hear just won’t do it.” This phrase was also a remark of attack directed to Hillary Clinton, who is repeatedly being accused of not being clear on where she stands with regard to many of the important issues.

Iowa traditionally is the most important state where presidential nominees can make their mark and take a lead in the elections. In january the Iowa caucus will be held, an occasion at which it has more than often been decided who will be the party’s chosen presidential candidate.

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